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How to Make A Lovely Embroidered Bird Nest with Paper Mache

Marvelous Easy Paper Mache Embroidered Bird Nest

Marvelous Easy Paper Mache Embroidered Bird Nest

We are going to transform a plain balloon, using embroidery to decorate into a bird nest. I love birds if can't tell.

This bird's nest is a shabby chic way to cozy up any room in your home.

embroidered nest5

How 2 Make a Whimsy Paper Mache Cactus

A DIY Paper Mache Flowering Cactus

finished cactusWith recycled newspaper and a little paper mache we will transform our rubbish into a lovely flowering Cactus that never needs watering.

Forget the green thumb run to the studio to plant his cute cactus.  This creative cactus is simple whimsypapermache and perfect for beginners.

How 2 Make a Huge Red Bell Pepper with Paper Mache

A Red DIY Paper Mache Bell Pepper

bell pepper lidWith recycled newspaper and a little paper mache we will transform our rubbish into a lovely red bell pepper container.

Forget the garden run to the studio to pick this red bell pepper.  A huge bell pepper is simple whimsypapermache, this project is perfect for beginners.

How 2 Make a Giant Paper Mache Tulip with a Whimsy Face

DIY Paper Mache Tulip Flower

Big Flower tulipUsing recyclables around the house and a little paper mache we will make this crazy cute tulip flower.
Bring the beautiful outdoors inside, you can keep this flower all year long and no watering required.
This is such an awesome time of year when all the beautiful flowers bloom.

How to Make a Papier Mache Hogwarts Sorting Hat

A Magical Paper Mache Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat finishedGrab your recyclable newspaper and wand to transform ordinary rubbish into something imaginary, extraordinary, and magical.


Using crumpled up news paper and lots of paper mache you can make this wonderful sorting hat for your birthday parties or for decoration fun anytime.


Well if you're sure, better be... Gryffindor!

How to Make Precious Little Paper Mache Whales

Adorable and Effortless Paper Mache Whales

We will show you how to wade up newspaper into a simple ball and transform it into a beautiful little whale.
paper mache whalesWe have created a little pair of whales for you to follow along. This paper mache project is super easy and great for someone wanting to learn the awesome art of paper mache.
These little whales have a awesome whimsypapermache look we think you will enjoy so much.

How to Make a Life Size R2D2 Unit with Paper Mache and Paper Clay

Create a R2D2 Robot from Star Wars

me and r2This is the easiest way to create your own R2D2 replica robot.  Using the rubbish around your house, paper mache, and paper clay you will turn the ordinary into the unexpected.

You can make R2D2 in an array of sizes depending on your whimsy taste. Here is list of supplies, everything we remember using.

Relax, you can do this and you will love the fruits of your labor.

Watch the how to video: https://youtu.be/-Vk7uT6o1T0