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How To Make a Simple Reversible Apron

apron modelingI found this super easy pattern to make Studio aprons; it is a SewSimple Simplicity A1971. You can make small to ex-large aprons using cotton, calico, or broadcloths.

Please don't hesitate to leave questions below; we have a awesome group of ladies that visit the studio so if I cannot answer your question someone else can.

How to Paint a Little Pink Bird onto Canvas

little pink bird cover shotYou can pick canvases up at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Wal-Mart. There are a few painters who make custom canvases as well, check around with your local artist.
I began by collecting my tools such as canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, palette and water to rinse my brushes. I cleansed off a small work space and laid my canvas flat onto the table, you can use an easel if you have one but it is not needed.
The canvas size is 8 x 10 and I believe it is just the perfect size for our little pink bird.

How to Make a Paper Mache Olaf the Snowman

Finished OlafMake a Paper Mache Snowman with the Studio

“Hi, everyone. I'm Olaf and I love warm hugs!”

Olaf is Disney's new animated character from "Frozen", he is a delightful little guy that will warm you heart. My daughter and I wanted to make our Olaf before summer so he could finally enjoy the warmth of the sun, picnics, and flowers. You'll just have to watch the movie….